We are a ministry of the Methodist Church

NOMADS Leadership

2022-2023 Board Members 

Jack Schmoll:   Chair, At-Large (2019-2023)

Mariel Lynch:   Vice-Chair, At-Large, Co-chair General Concerns Committee (2020-2024)

Rodney Ripley:   Secretary, Northeast Jurisdictional Rep, By-Laws/Policies/Guidelines Committee Chair (2021-2025)

Jim Posz:   Treasurer, At-Large, Co-chair Promotions Committee (2021-2025)

Larry Mathias:    Southeast Jurisdictonal Rep, Project Coordination Committee Chair (2022-2026)

Brad Spice:    At-Large, Nominating Committee Chair, Co-chair General Concerns Committee (2022-2026)

Charlotte Tincher:   North Central Jurisdictional Rep, Co-chair Promotions Committee (2019-2023)

Suzanne Cronin:   At-Large, Leadership Committee Chair (2022-2026)

Kathy Phelps:   Western Jurisdictional Rep, Membership Committee Chair (2019-2023)

Mark Mulder:   South Central Jurisdictional Rep, Project Funding Committee Chair (2020-2024)

Kevin Culver:   Disaster Rebuilding Committee Chair, Ex-officio board member (appointed) 

Una Jones:   Representing General Board of Global Ministries, Ex-officio board member (appointed)

Jennifer Therkilsen-Gebhard:   Endowment Committee Chair, Ex-officio board member (appointed)

Carla Kinsey:   Nomads Program Administrator, Ex-officio board member (appointed)

Brad Spice

Carla Kinsey

Charlotte Tincher

Jack Schmoll

Jennifer Therkilsen-Gebhard

Jim Posz

Kathy Phelps

Larry Mathias

Mariel Lynch

Mark Mulder

Rodney Ripley

Suzanne Cronin

Una Jones