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Donate Your Vehicle and help Methodist Nomads

We have made an agreement for vehicle donations with proceeds to benefit the Methodist Nomads with CARS (Charitable Adult Rides and Services).  In a cooperative effort between CARS and the Methodist Nomads your vehicle can be donated to our organization, running or not. And the giver receives a tax deduction from the Methodist Nomads. In addition to cars you can donate trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, RVs and even airplanes. You must have clean title. Free towing. No ...

Jacksboro Texas Disaster Rebuilding

Earlier this week I received notice from the United Methodist North Texas Conference Disaster Coordinator that the Jacksboro, TX community will no longer need NOMADS assistance with their recovery efforts.   The Jacksboro recovery and rebuilding team has experienced significant reduction in the number of cases they originally expected. Unfortunately, some of these stories are of folks who have simply given up their fight with insurance companies or found their resources unable to sustain them in...

Hosting Agencies Love their Nomads!

Our period 7 projects in May this year had a big impact on the agencies served: "This NOMADS team was fully capable of the work that was needed. They all worked hard and communicated well. They worked well together and were very flexible as needs came up or changes needed to be made. They were professional and engaged appropriately with guests as they work doing their projects." " All team members worked hard each day within their skills and abilities. The overall attitude and participation ...

Wrapping Up in Grand Isle, Louisiana

NOMADS Disaster Rebuilding: Wrapping Up at Grand Isle, Louisiana   The final few weeks of Disaster Rebuilding at Grand Isle, Louisiana continued to be a blessing to both the local community and the NOMADS who were serving.  The teams were treated to regular meals including shrimp spaghetti, shrimp gumbo, shrimp boils, and shrimp fettuccini.  Our hosts even brought a half a bushel of boiled Blue Crabs and taught us how to pick them!  Lots of seafood here!   The locals have been so welcoming and ...

Grand Isle Louisiana scheduled for future Disaster Rebuilding

NOMADS DISASTER REBUILDING TEAMS RETURNING TO GRAND ISLE!!! The Disaster Rebuilding Committee (DRC) is excited that NOMADS have been invited back to Grand Isle, Louisiana for a second year. The island community of Grand Isle was devastated on August 29, 2021 when Hurricane Ida made landfall.  The 150 to 200 mph winds and 14 foot storm surge damaged and destroyed homes, ripped through the barrier dunes, and impacted the island and its 400 permanent residents in a dramatic and lasting way. ...

Project Hosts Love their Nomads!

We had some incredible impact reported by hosting agencies during period 1 of 2023: "All projects expected plus several more were completed. All work was professionally completed, and we are more than happy with the results." "This NOMAD team worked so well together and did an amazing job. We hope they all will return next year or in the future, as each of them were a true blessing to have on our church campus." "This group of NOMADS were phenomenal. They were able to accomplish more than we ...

Rebuilding Grand Isle April 3-7th

Grand Isle LA, April 3-7 Last Friday (3/31) was an unusual day.  Sara, Ken and Michele, Levina and Herman, and Jack and Beth, all left us. We thank them for their service to this community and pray for their traveling safety.  Saturday we were joined by our new team, Kevin and Suzan, Mary and Phil, Mike and Carol and Dale and Anne.  Another great team.  Once again, we had a beautiful week in Grand Isle.  It did get pretty hot with highs in the mid-80's a few days but with the wonderful gulf ...

Rebuilding in Grand Isle Louisiana

Week 10 Grand Isle Disaster Rebuild It was another beautiful week on Grand Isle.  The weather has been really nice for our outside work with no rain.  It would seem the plants would be needing some water by now but everything still looks good. With Max and Anne taking over leadership this week, after a carry over week, they had Herman and Levina and Jack and Beth joining them. Sara, Ken and Michele continued their work for one more week.  We had a great team with big plans for the week.  Most ...

Local News story on Nomads at Lake Junaluska

'Nomads on a Mission' help out with various tasks around Lake Junaluska | WLOS   

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