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Poll Results on the Future of Nomads

After a long year full of much soul-searching and hard decisions, your NOMADS Leadership is pleased to announce that the proposal to change our name to Methodist NOMADS and to change our by-laws to include Historically Methodist organizations has been passed by our active members. Thanks to all for participating in this important decision.   We will be working on updating our legal documents first, then we will be making the necessary changes to our website, accounts, documents and even our ...

Disaster Rebuilding - Grand Isle, LA Week 3

Hello from Grand Isle. We just finished week 3 and completed our first home. The team presented Tim and Jocelyn their Bible on Wednesday and started on Helen’s stairs Thursday.  We had to say goodbye to Les Allen and Sue Gross this week but happily we greet Joe Stuller on Saturday.   Sue and Sara repaired some stairs on Miss Donna’s house on Thursday. We will be putting in some crown trim there next week. Also planned for week 4 is tearing down some stairs and putting in new ones for Miss ...

Summer Project hosts loved their Nomads teams!

We had some wonderful comments from our hosting agencies this summer: From Period 11 projects: "Great time together and great job on all the projects. I am often unable to join for most devotions and I had the blessing to change that this project. It was great to be a bigger part of the crew. Good job, Thank you for all you do!!!" "They did a great job. Always asked us if there was a question as to how some thing was to be done. Very careful with every thing they worked on. Cleaned up after ...

Nomads Board Chair on Future of Nomads

Watch the video below to learn about the Nomads plans for the impending split in the United Methodist Church.  The speaker is our Board Chair, Anne Armstrong. https://youtu.be/1ks5VgpIvVs

MMDC Newsletter Article on their Nomads Team


Newspaper Article on Nomads - Park Rapids, MN


Lake Junaluska Team gets Focus Article


Hosting Agencies Love their Nomads!

Many of our Summer project teams received amazing comments from our Hosting United Methodist agencies: From Period 7 projects: "Excellent team - love them - wish we could keep them year round." "Always a great help on campus. The individuals were great!" "The Nomads were great. They worked well with very little instruction and some guidance on what materials they needed. Got almost all of the work done. I know they were a little frustrated with not getting everything done but they got a lot ...

Minnesota Annual Conference article on Nomads


Nomads Take on Tough Projects at Hinton

    Hinton Rural Life Center has been blessed for many years by the efforts of teams of United Methodist NOMADS -- Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service. NOMADS provide volunteer labor, such as new construction, remodeling, repairs, and maintenance for UM organizations.  From  April 18 through May 5, a team of five NOMADS undertook and completed a serious remodel of the Patterson Cottage, which included drywall, priming and painting, ...

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