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Nomad Shelley Lee awarded in Arkansas


Louisiana Disaster Rebuilding Continues

Two More Awesome Weeks at Grand Isle   Our Grand Isle Disaster Rebuilding Teams continue to do great work both on homes and hearts.   Jim and Irene Lewis completed their two weeks of leading and have passed the DR torch to Gary and Sharon Hatcher for weeks 3 through 5.   Our teams have completed railings and handrails on the deck of a home, installed electrical boxes nailed to sides of 2x4’s, added insulation and plywood walls, taken apart walls that  the homeowner felt were damaged by Hurricane...

Fort Wayne RV show

Come see us at the Fort Wayne Indiana RV show this weekend!  Thanks to Larry (pictured) and Carol Ewing for setting up a great booth there for Nomads!

2022 Annual Love-Hours Report


Volunteer Hour valued at $28.54

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that volunteers are worth on average $28.54 an hour according to an Independent Sector Study.  

Atlanta RV show Nomads booth

We are thankful for Jim (pictured) and Mary Jo Reeves and our other Nomads staffing our booth at the Atlanta RV show this weekend.  Mary Jo makes the beautiful quilts, including the one on display there.  Please recruit some new Nomads to our family!

Louisiana DR team weekly report

January 27, 2023 Great week of Nomad accomplishments! We have been working on Harvey's mobile home which is on the Cheniere Caminada portion of Grand Isle. The north deck stairs were worked on by a previous team last fall. We have dismantled and replaced the entire deck and stairs, including a section that has A/C on it. Inside we have finished cleaning off glue etc from fronts of 2x4 in walls and installed insulation. Have enjoyed listening to homeowner about Hurricane Ida, shrimping, cancers...

Disaster Rebuild announced for Jacksboro Texas

Nomads will be rebuilding homes in Jack County, Texas in the Spring of 2024, in Jacksboro.  The North Texas Annual Conference has invited Nomads to be involved in their rebuilding efforts, after devastating tornadoes wreaked havoc there in March of 2022.  Please login and sign up for this project if you would like to be involved and make a difference.

Louisiana Conference YouTube video at Wesley Center Project

Todd Rossnagel, from the Louisiana Methodist Conference, came to visit us in Woodworth, LA the first week of the project for the Wesley Center and he made a video of us and our work. I was thinking you might like to share it with the rest of the Nomads.  Click on the link below to view it.   It is less than 2 minutes to watch.  I think he did a great job.  Joe and Debbie Gilbert, team leaders  https://youtu.be/wX3kTjYSvHM

Grand Isle, Louisiana Disaster Rebuilding 12-15-22

The Disaster Team on Grand Isle was fortunate to be able to work outside for the entire week escaping the numerous storms which were wreaking havoc just north of us in New Orleans.  Our prayers go out to the people who again have lost so much.  Our team welcomed a newcomer, Dan Williams, who fit right in helping complete a second deck project.  This deck was 13 feet above the ground for access to a suspended mobile home which endured waves five feet high crashing into the living room during ...

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