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Hosting Agencies Loved their Nomads!

Many of our Spring project teams received amazing comments from our Hosting United Methodist agencies: From Period 5 projects: "Their work was efficient and timely. They were flexible with weather, materials, and projects which made their stay with us invaluable. We are grateful for their ministry."  Camp Sumatanga, Gallant, AL "I say it again an awesome team during the entire 3 week project."  Camp J. D. Tygart, Ray City, GA "A great team that worked well together. Skilled volunteers. They ...

Servants in Faith and Technology article on "Reasons to Serve"

The following article is from the Southern Institute For Appropriate Technology, Servants in Faith and Technology, Lineville, Alabama.  The story relates to how our work, whether it be at a church camp, children’s home, local church, or on a disaster rebuild project, impacts those that we encounter.  I know that many of you have had the opportunity to work around youth at camps, homeowners on community outreach and disaster rebuilding projects, and church members on local projects.   How many of...

Nomads at Camp Tekoa

Click on the link below to see the article on Nomads at Camp Tekoa /files/content/www/images/nomads+at+tekoa.pdf

Wesley Woods Grant Paves Way for the Nomads

Click on the link to read the article from the Michigan Area UMC Camping on Wesley Woods Camp in Dowling, Michigan: https://umcamping.org/news/wesley-woods-grant-paves-the-way-for-nomads/

Hosting Agencies report on their Nomads teams!

Our period 4 projects ended March 24, 2022 and our agencies who had projects have reported incredible results: "The team did an incredible amount of work and were very professional. This was a great group with a variety of skills and a very strong work ethic. We had no issues and were thrilled with the amount of work they accomplished and quality of work the provided." "Wonderful group with many talents! The full group worked well with one another." "Awesome, Amazing, Wonderful! We are so ...

Membership Dues - March 31, 2022

Membership Dues Yes, it's time to pay membership dues for the next year.  Our dues year ends March 31st, and you can login to the website and click on "Dues-Membership Status" to see when you last paid and if you have paid for the next year.  Quite a few of you have already paid, and our new members who joined since the first of the year have also paid through March 31, 2023. While you are on that page you can click on PAY DUES NOW and use a credit card, or you can mail a check to our mailing ...

Rebuilding Continues in Louisiana

We had 2 days of drywall mudding work at Gwen's house, and then we moved to another home to try to finish up there. Insulated walls and ceilings, installed Hardie siding to front wall and installed soffit to two sides of a home. First time Nomads worked at this home on Hale St. Gwen's home was being worked on by Fuller Disaster to make sure all mudding was completed so that on Monday our new team can spray ceilings and walls with texture and then prime and paint.  Shared by our team leaders, ...

Disaster Rebuilding in Louisiana

Week 4: March 7th Had total of 4 couples working on Gwen's house with the direction of Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders. After electrical inspection passed from the Nomad in Week 3, we were able to finish all ceiling and walls sheetrock and put on first coat of mud.  Irene & Jim Lewis, Team Leaders  

Disaster Rebuilding in Laurel, MS

Week 2 We had a good week. We started on the 2nd house where we covered a large hole in the ceiling and one on the wall.  Removed and replaced wood flooring.  At the 1st house we insulated a bathroom, removed a firebox that was rusty, placed cabinets, dry walled and mudded walls in the bathroom. We also repaired the brick exterior around the breaker box.  We had 5 couples on Monday and another couple started Tuesday. We had a total of 316 hours for this week. Jean and Larry S., Team Leaders  

Volunteer Hours valued at $28.54/hour by Independent Sector

Check out the current value, as of April 2021, of volunteer hours donated using the link below: Independent Sector Releases New Value of Volunteer Time of $28.54 Per Hour — Independent Sector

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