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NOMADS Recognized for 50+ Projects

At the Annual Meeting, we recognized the outstanding service of NOMADS who have completed 50 or more projects. Those reaching this goal were: Arlin and Sue Kiel, George and Terry Lair, Jack and Arlene Fenn, Bob and JoAnn Blanchette, Bill and Carolyn Mitchell, and Rod and Janie Reeder. These are some thoughts about NOMADS and projects that they shared with us: “The best memories we have are of the people we have met along the journey-both fellow NOMADS and the persons we have been privileged to ...

Board Meeting Highlights

My last duty as Chairman of the Board is to relate to the membership the highlights of the Board Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Membership. I will try to give you what I believe you need to hear without boring you with all of the details.   1.            Carla is still Carla and apparently is going to stay with us for at least another year which I hope will stretch into decades. You will remember that she is her own boss and has contracted with us to supply services to NOMADS. She is not ...

Mariah's benefit at Annual Meeting

NOMADS who were at annual meeting in North Carolina might be interested in the website for Mariah, the young lady you all helped by donating toward purchase of her wheelchair.  Please visit www.dymondphotos.com 

Hurricane Katrina Recovery

Sign up now to help with the recovery efforts in Mississippi, rebuilding homes damaged by hurricane Katrina.  We also will be supporting UMCOR in the building of new homes, providing housing to families in cases where their home was completely destroyed by the storm.  We are accepting team members for work to begin on 18 October 2010 through 31 March 2011.  You may sign up to work one week or as many weeks as you are able.  Please call our Administrator, Carla, at: 1-866-466-6237 or email her ...

Updated membership directory in member's section

An up-to-date membership directory has been posted in the member's section of the website.  NOMADS, please check your contact information for accuracy.  If changes are needed, please access the member's section and make the changes to your record.  To access the member's section, at the top of the home page click on Member's Sign In.  If this is the first time you've tried to log in, click on "Do you need your login information?".  You will be asked for your email address, so then your user name...

NOMADS Help Flood Victims

NOMADS have been helping out around the country with recovery efforts after the flooding in Indiana, Georgia and New Jersey.  In May and June of 2010, NOMADS have worked as OSMs (On Site Managers) in New Jersey.  OSMs serve as short term volunteer coordinators for teams sent out to assist in site cleanup and recovery operations.  We partner with UMCOR on domestic disaster sites around the country.  Please watch this website for more opportunities with disaster work in the areas affected by the ...

Find your project location....see map below!

As you contemplate your NOMADS projects for this fall or for next winter, you may wonder where some of these places are located!  Right?  Well we now have a great mapping tool for your use.  From the website homepage, page down to the map of the United States, click on the state you're interested in, and then click on the site you're wondering about.  Not only will you be able to see if on the map, but you can get directions from your address to their address if you like.  Fantastic tool for you...

Promotions at Annual Conferences

NOMADS are spreading the word about our mission at more Annual Conferences and Methodist gatherings than ever before.  This is an important and effective way of contacting pastors, conference delegates and others attending these events.  Thank you to all of you who have arranged for and set up booths and displays, and to those who assisted them.  Your help in promoting NOMADS is greatly appreciated!

Project Evaluations- Continued High Return Rate!

Three years ago, the return rate for project evaluations was a dismal 30%!  Within a year we were at 70% and we have maintained that high return rate since.  The message is out "We really do read them and use the information to make NOMADS better."  Thanks to all of you who return your evaluations!  Starting this year, we asked leaders to try to make sure that all project evaluations were returned in one batch.  And for the most part this is what has happened!  Kudos to our leaders!  Our PCC ...

Earthquakes around the world

The recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have left many people homeless and without the basic necessities of life.  NOMADS members, like so many countless other volunteers, want to help in any way we can.  Travel to Haiti or Chile requires special preparations and it is important that you understand the needs and requirements for travel to or working in either country.  Please check out the UMCOR web site where you will find a great deal of information regarding volunteering in Chile or Haiti ...

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