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Project Hosts Love their Nomads!

We had some incredible impact reported by hosting agencies during period 1 of 2023: "All projects expected plus several more were completed. All work was professionally completed, and we are more than happy with the results." "This NOMAD team worked so well together and did an amazing job. We hope they all will return next year or in the future, as each of them were a true blessing to have on our church campus." "This group of NOMADS were phenomenal. They were able to accomplish more than we ...

2022 Annual Love-Hours Report


Louisiana Conference YouTube video at Wesley Center Project

Todd Rossnagel, from the Louisiana Methodist Conference, came to visit us in Woodworth, LA the first week of the project for the Wesley Center and he made a video of us and our work. I was thinking you might like to share it with the rest of the Nomads.  Click on the link below to view it.   It is less than 2 minutes to watch.  I think he did a great job.  Joe and Debbie Gilbert, team leaders  https://youtu.be/wX3kTjYSvHM

Summer Project hosts loved their Nomads teams!

We had some wonderful comments from our hosting agencies this summer: From Period 11 projects: "Great time together and great job on all the projects. I am often unable to join for most devotions and I had the blessing to change that this project. It was great to be a bigger part of the crew. Good job, Thank you for all you do!!!" "They did a great job. Always asked us if there was a question as to how some thing was to be done. Very careful with every thing they worked on. Cleaned up after ...

Hosting Agencies Loved their Nomads!

Many of our Spring project teams received amazing comments from our Hosting United Methodist agencies: From Period 5 projects: "Their work was efficient and timely. They were flexible with weather, materials, and projects which made their stay with us invaluable. We are grateful for their ministry."  Camp Sumatanga, Gallant, AL "I say it again an awesome team during the entire 3 week project."  Camp J. D. Tygart, Ray City, GA "A great team that worked well together. Skilled volunteers. They ...

Nomads at Camp Tekoa

Click on the link below to see the article on Nomads at Camp Tekoa /files/content/www/images/nomads+at+tekoa.pdf

Hosting Agencies report on their Nomads teams!

Our period 4 projects ended March 24, 2022 and our agencies who had projects have reported incredible results: "The team did an incredible amount of work and were very professional. This was a great group with a variety of skills and a very strong work ethic. We had no issues and were thrilled with the amount of work they accomplished and quality of work the provided." "Wonderful group with many talents! The full group worked well with one another." "Awesome, Amazing, Wonderful! We are so ...

Schedule your Fall 2022 Nomads

Planning 12-15 months in advance for your Nomads project works best, if we are to get a full team of Nomads to line up for you.  We are taking applications for fall of 2022, and early 2023 is now opening for scheduling projects.  So please DO NOT DELAY if you wish to have a team in 2022!   If you are already a partner for Nomads projects, please go to our website home page and click on the yellow LOGIN button at the top, select Church/Agency login and login there.  Please give us two choices ...

Hosting UM Agencies Loved their Teams!

Recently completed projects have been evaluated by our hosting agencies, with wonderful praise for our teams: "EXCELLENT - FABULOUS GROUP, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this team." "The nomads were amazing. They were very knowledgable and hard working. A great caring group." "Each member of the team was friendly and professional. They got the jobs done and, at the same time, enjoyed the richness of the fellowship of working together as a team. We provided lunch every day for the crew and this was a ...

Nomads have a "Can Do" Attitude

Our hosting agencies recently reported a long list of projects our Nomads accomplished for them: "Our team did barn repairs, cottage repairs, brick patio repair, worked on rock around foundation, painted outdoor furniture, stained a log house, painted the church bathroom, stained a deck, mounted a "blind" on running gear and did some antique chair repairs." "They installed new metal roofs on 5 cabins, painted cabin & lodge doors, repaired two metal roofs, painted bathrooms, put new flooring in...

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