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Rebuilding Continues in Texas - Feb 8, 2020

TX DR report week of 2/03 - 2/06/20


We had the same team as last week, and we truly hit full stride this week!

Inside Carla’s home ‘mudding’ was completed, and every room was textured and primed. We will start painting the rooms next week.

Outside, the entire home was painted and trimmed, and the outside lights wired. The second deck was completed and railing finished on both decks. The plumbing is nearly complete, thanks to trenching from our AmeriCorps friends (who also did the roofing).

Not bad – the foundation was placed less than a month ago! We could be looking at finishing next week. Perhaps a new world record?

We also assessed the work to be done on our next home – a tear down and new build, so the Mighty Texas Nomads team will be split next week.


Respectfully submitted,

Dave Hill, Team Leader