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Summer Project hosts loved their Nomads teams!


We had some wonderful comments from our hosting agencies this summer:

From Period 11 projects:

"Great time together and great job on all the projects. I am often unable to join for most devotions and I had the blessing to change that this project. It was great to be a bigger part of the crew. Good job, Thank you for all you do!!!"

"They did a great job. Always asked us if there was a question as to how some thing was to be done. Very careful with every thing they worked on. Cleaned up after they were done with what they were working on. Very pleasant to work with and were hard workers. Enjoyed working with them."

"Absolutely Wonderful! Team leadership was top notch."

From Period 12 projects:

"Our NOMADS team was great to work with, did high quality work and accomplished their goals. Great folks with big hearts who we appreciate very much."

"What a marvelous group of Nomads!  We loved that there is never man's work or woman's work. There is work to do regardless of gender.  Everyone was upbeat and the atmosphere was great during this time. In our departing discussions we were excited to hear from those who had never been here about how they loved the place, our ministry and the staff."

"All NOMADS groups have been amazing, accomplished, hardworking, knowledgeable, skilled and a blessing to our small community. I don’t know what we would do without them. The group this year was particularly impressive. One of our own team members identified this NOMADS group as having: “no limit to their skills.”

"Our team leaders were great. They were well organized and inclusive. They divided up tasks and worked with the other Nomads to adapt jobs to their skills. One Nomad on our team was very knowledgable in plumbing and electric.  Another couple was always willing to adjust to new projects that needed to be completed. We all had lunches together for the three weeks and it was wonderful because we were able to get to know one another. They opened up their morning devotions to my staff."

"Excellent productivity and attitude. Great Crew and leaders. We are thoroughly pleased...hope many of them return in the future."

"This was a fantastic team. Their hands and feet and eyes and wisdom and knowledge to see, problem solve, repair, replace, advise, and recommend was awesome. With willing and humble hearts. Gracious interactions with our staff and guests. They were intentional and proactive - in their work, worship, and prayer. They completed a tremendous amount of deferred/needed maintenance that our guests and community noticed immediately and also things they may never know that help the guest experience. What a wonderful experience again for this set of projects. To say we are thankful is an understatement."

"The team was able to complete our large, priority project.  I am very thankful for the work that was completed!  There have been so many compliments on the appearance of the results and the work that was completed!  Thank you for this opportunity to work with fellow servants of the Lord!"

"We had a smaller team this year and they were absolutely amazing! Their leadership, talent and creativity went far beyond our expectations. They saw things that needed to be done and basically made their own to-do list along with adding a few things we wanted done. They did not hesitate to ask questions and make suggestions. They worked very hard - harder than necessary. It was as though we had twice as many people working! We enjoyed learning about them and working alongside. We can't say enough about our NOMADS friends and do hope they had a great experience and are willing to return. Thank you NOMADS! You are an important part of our ministry!"

"The team was positive and energetic, doing everything we asked of them and more. We had many days of rain and few indoor projects. The team responded with flexibility and creativity. The team leader was very responsive and actively engaged our leadership team in keeping us informed of progress and any difficulties or materials and tools needed."