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Disaster Rebuilding - Grand Isle, LA Week 3


Hello from Grand Isle. We just finished week 3 and completed our first home. The team presented Tim and Jocelyn their Bible on Wednesday and started on Helen’s stairs Thursday. 

We had to say goodbye to Les Allen and Sue Gross this week but happily we greet Joe Stuller on Saturday.
Sue and Sara repaired some stairs on Miss Donna’s house on Thursday. We will be putting in some crown trim there next week. Also planned for week 4 is tearing down some stairs and putting in new ones for Miss Helen as well as starting the siding on Big Daddy’s house. The man lift has been delivered and will help greatly while working on a house 14 feet in the air.

Blessings to you all and feel free to sign up for any Disaster Rebuilding projects listed.
Gene and Carolyn Freeman, Team Leaders in Grand Isle this month