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Disaster Rebuilding - Grand Isle, LA Week 5


Week 5 of the Grand Isle DR
   Week 5 found us with 9 count them 9 NOMADS on site. Charlie and Martha Brown, Randy and Mary Fathbruckner, Janet Cox and Wanda Woodard all came in last week to join Sara Donaldson and Gene and Carolyn Freeman to help get some more of these homes in living condition.
   On week 4 we finished up Miss Donna’s house. Got the crown molding all up and then got permission to finish the inside and outside corners as well as the baseboard. Got the entrance stairs cleaned, replaced the threshold and tightened down the steps. Then we took a trip over to “Big Daddy’s “. This man is a history book about this island and so much fun to be around. Lots of people stop by his house just to talk and if they need something he knows somebody that can help. 
   On week 5 we began in earnest on Big Daddy’s home. Had to take off the old siding on the street side of the house porch level. This was a real job because of all the electrical boxes that had been added over the last 20 years. Also the long north and south sides had siding that needed to be removed.  This started 18 feet in the air and went up. Yes we had a man lift to get that high.  On the back side of the house the siding had been started but at the wrong height so when we got to the top of the door the two sides didn’t meet. Had to take it off and start over.  
   On the front side, putting the siding on was fun until they got to the electrical boxes then it was piece piece piece. But the team got it done and it looks nice.
   Charlie and Gene worked the man lift (two person bucket) and got the siding off the north and south side. We spent more time trying to get the machine to move than we did work. On Thursday we were shown how the override worked so we got a lot more done that day.
     Five of the team  also started Miss Sandra’s house. Painted 7 rooms of ceiling. Taping and all.  They were great.  They also cut all the treads for the stairs, two sets, and will make the stringers next week. The stairs on a lot of these homes were weakened by the storm.
    If you have a week or three check out the openings for this DR. You will be more than welcomed and find it a most enjoyable experience.
Gene and Carolyn Freeman