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Louisiana DR team weekly report


January 27, 2023

Great week of Nomad accomplishments!

We have been working on Harvey's mobile home which is on the Cheniere Caminada portion of Grand Isle. The north deck stairs were worked on by a previous team last fall. We have dismantled and replaced the entire deck and stairs, including a section that has A/C on it. Inside we have finished cleaning off glue etc from fronts of 2x4 in walls and installed insulation. Have enjoyed listening to homeowner about Hurricane Ida, shrimping, cancers and taking care of granddaughters. Very optimistic and we have been told that community is expressing much hope for Grand Isle, with work being done by NOMADS and Mennonite groups.

We did have tornado/ high wave warnings till midnight on Tuesday. No damage. All's well.

Jim & Irene Lewis, team leaders for Nomads in Grand Isle