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Louisiana Disaster Rebuilding Continues


Two More Awesome Weeks at Grand Isle
Our Grand Isle Disaster Rebuilding Teams continue to do great work both on homes and hearts.
Jim and Irene Lewis completed their two weeks of leading and have passed the DR torch to Gary and Sharon Hatcher for weeks 3 through 5.
Our teams have completed railings and handrails on the deck of a home, installed electrical boxes nailed to sides of 2x4’s, added insulation and plywood walls, taken apart walls that  the homeowner felt were damaged by Hurricane Ida in their kitchen and master bedroom, removed carpeting in a master bedroom and rerouted wiring to right side of a backdoor for new door to be installed.

Other tasks have included repairing, painting, and installing wall panels, cutting trim work, installing new kitchen cabinets, and lots of
painting and caulking.
For those who might not know…  Lowe’s is not close.  It is about 50 miles away… so it was appreciated when some team members jumped in to make the drive, pick out new kitchen cabinets, and bring them all back in their truck.
Jim and Irene’s team were part of an appreciation dinner for The Bayou Community Foundation in partnership with Our Lady of the Isle Catholic Church, homeowners having work done and the Nomads and Mennonite Disaster Service RV teams.  Irene noted, “So much joy and thankfulness were expressed by all for the restoration of Grand Isle.”  A check from New Orleans United Way for $100,000 was presented to the Foundation. Nomads expressed appreciation for food, water, parking, internet and laundry provided by Our Lady of the Isle Catholic church.
And of course the homeowners are appreciative of the work.  Charles Goss, Construction Coordinator shared that one homeowner got teary eyed when given the choice of paint colors for her wall.  Another homeowner celebrated his birthday and made sure to share some of his VERY LARGE birthday cake with our Nomads team.
All in all… two more very productive and fun work weeks. We are looking forward to new team members joining and starting new projects in service to the people of Grand Isle.

Kevin Culver, Nomads Disaster Rebuilding Committee Chair