We are a ministry of the Methodist Church

Project Hosts Love their Nomads!


We had some incredible impact reported by hosting agencies during period 1 of 2023:

"All projects expected plus several more were completed. All work was professionally completed, and we are more than happy with the results."

"This NOMAD team worked so well together and did an amazing job. We hope they all will return next year or in the future, as each of them were a true blessing to have on our church campus."

"This group of NOMADS were phenomenal. They were able to accomplish more than we had planned, and everyone was always busy with things to do. We greatly appreciate all of their help!"

Comments from period 2 hosting agencies:

"This was a fantastic team. They were always ready to do the job with professionalism. They really work as a team."

"Our Nomads team was fabulous! I appreciated the advance phone call with our leaders to talk about our priorities and know that the team could hit the ground running ... which they DID. We appreciate greatly that the team modified their schedule so they could work on Saturday and Sunday when our preschool was closed. Additionally, with the advance notice, our preschool director was able to rearrange some afternoon classes so the team could work in classrooms during the week, as well as on the weekends. Over the years there has been a breakdown in the communication between our congregation and the preschool. Not only has there been extreme deferred maintenance to the education building, but the preschool staff has experienced a sense of isolation and rejection on the part of the congregation. The congregation was simply unaware of the deteriorated relationship. The Nomads brought HEALING to us; by working diligently in the preschool classrooms, giving the whole school a facelift, the preschool feels seen, cared for, and important. The congregation has become aware of how much neglect has occurred over the years. Yes, our team did a great job and we want every one of them back, but their role as ambassadors was so much more important to us in this time of post-COVID recovery. The Nomads have BLESSED US in unexpected and unanticipated ways for which we are, indeed, grateful."

"As with every team, this NOMAD team worked very well together and accomplished all they were asked to do and more. We are so blessed to have experienced them and their many gifts."

"Nomads did a wonderful job with the work . They were very organized and the work was well planned out. We were 100% happy with their work. They were always on time, very friendly and worked well with the members."

"Everyone on the team was experienced, capable, and ready to go. They worked well together and with the home owners."

"All the work done bt the NOMADS was top notch."

"The NOMADS were all involved and very easy to work with. Their work was always done quickly and efficiently. They communicated with the members of the community they helped. Once they arrived the project leader completely took over the applications and made contact with those they helped. They were always kind and willing to work with myself and the community. They were always finding a way to be able to help even when difficult circumstances happened, like cold weather that was unexpected."

"As always the Nomads volunteers have exceeded our expectations. The manner of work ethics was efficient, productive, and professional. Team leaders were an asset and always kept us informed of all task details and completion. Once again our church was blessed by the hands of the Nomads volunteers. We are grateful for the Nomads Mission Volunteers' ministry. May God continue to bless you all!"