We are a ministry of the Methodist Church

Hosting Agencies Love their Nomads!


Our period 7 projects in May this year had a big impact on the agencies served:

"This NOMADS team was fully capable of the work that was needed. They all worked hard and communicated well. They worked well together and were very flexible as needs came up or changes needed to be made. They were professional and engaged appropriately with guests as they work doing their projects."

" All team members worked hard each day within their skills and abilities. The overall attitude and participation was excellent. A lot of work was done to the camp's satisfaction."

"All of our NOMADS volunteers were very hard workers and jumped at the opportunity to do projects."

"This groups was AMAZING! We loved having them and working with them. They all were hard workers and very positive. The group leaders were very organized and kept everything going with good communication."

"The work and participation were excellent. The leaders were well prepared and the project moved along well. All of the NOMADS were capable, upbeat and friendly to be around. It is impressive how much was done in just three weeks. The cabins look fantastic!  We love the NOMADS and it would be a real loss if we did not have them. We feel so blessed to have such an amazing resource available to us."