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Jacksboro Texas Disaster Rebuilding


Earlier this week I received notice from the United Methodist North Texas Conference Disaster Coordinator that the Jacksboro, TX community will no longer need NOMADS assistance with their recovery efforts.
The Jacksboro recovery and rebuilding team has experienced significant reduction in the number of cases they originally expected. Unfortunately, some of these stories are of folks who have simply given up their fight with insurance companies or found their resources unable to sustain them in Jacksboro as they waited to get back on their feet, so they sold their properties and moved away.  Other potential clients discovered, through the case management process, that they did not in fact qualify as they had sufficient resources to recover without donor funds or volunteer efforts being applied.
Fortunately, many of the people impacted by the tornado have positive stories. Other organizations and local volunteers were able to partner with the Jacksboro community to build five new homes and complete various repairs to 30+ homes.
With the changes to the number of cases due to these various factors, the North Texas Conference Disaster Coordinator simply did not feel there would be sufficient work for our NOMADS teams.
While unfortunate for us as NOMADS, I cannot help but praise our God!  He knows the plans He has for His people.  We might wish to be involved, but sometimes He has a plan for others to be His hands and feet and presumably He has a different plan for NOMADS.  I think this is humbling and inspiring all at the same time.  With that thought in your heart and mind, please pray for the Jacksboro community and its continued recovery.

Thank you to all of the NOMADS who had signed up to serve in Jacksboro.  Regardless of the fact that NOMADS will not actually help the Jacksboro recovery, I know that your planned participation brought comfort to the recovery team and allowed them to focus on the work versus worrying about resources.  I continue to be proud of the work we do (or try to do) as NOMADS!

Lastly…please be in prayer for the Disaster Rebuilding efforts of NOMADS as we seek to find a project to potentially fill this void.

Kevin Culver
Disaster Rebuilding Chair