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Project Evaluations- Continued High Return Rate!


Three years ago, the return rate for project evaluations was a dismal 30%!  Within a year we were at 70% and we have maintained that high return rate since.  The message is out "We really do read them and use the information to make NOMADS better."  Thanks to all of you who return your evaluations!  Starting this year, we asked leaders to try to make sure that all project evaluations were returned in one batch.  And for the most part this is what has happened!  Kudos to our leaders!  Our PCC (Project Coordination Committee) members send an email to all team members who complete an evaluation and put their name on it.   The NOMADS Leader Trainer Coordinator also reviews the evaluations and gives feedback to the leaders based on their team members' evaluations.  That feedback is given without attaching a team member name to any ratings or comments.  Our leaders have been wonderful about taking constructive feedback as to what went well and what maybe did not go so well.  None of us can change for the better without honest feedback.  As we are moving forward with our new web page, we are looking at ways to do project evaluations electronically.  We realize that not everyone will be excited about that kind of change but it would be a huge time savings in terms of not having to re-type comments and not having to copy and mail paper evaluations.  Stay tuned for more information about electronic submissions of evaluation forms starting in Winter/Spring 2011.   Jeannie Coe, NOMADS Leader Training Coordinator